VSPC Signage to Blanket Pow Wow

VSPC will have a strong showing at this year’s International Pow Wow, the U.S Travel Association’s annual international marketplace that draws more than 1,000 U.S travel professionals from all over the U.S and nearly 1,200 international and domestic buyers representing over 70 countries.

Held this year in Los Angeles from April 21-25, Pow Wow produces over $3.5 billion in Visit USA travel.

“This is the most important international trade show of the year,” stresses Katie Marvin, Advertising Manager for VSPC, who will sponsor the show’s message centers, as it did last year.

The sleek centers are placed in the main lobby, the press room and in lounges and will feature 37 total units backlit with VSPC imagery. The home page on the center’s computers will be VSPC’s, in addition to the screensaver.

Marvin went on to say that this year, VSPC and its 8 hotel partners will be branded uniformly as St. Pete/Clearwater.

“During our buyer appointments, we’ll really seem cohesive as a brand,” says Marvin, who adds that the booths will be in one row backlit with 100 feet of marketing decor, including images of the destination.

VSPC will also co-host an evening event with Lee County and has contracted with L.A Live entertainment and event company to create custom video to run throughout the show and the party.

Those videos are 30 and 90 second spots and will run for 75 minutes total on a number of LED screens in Nokia Plaza and on the JW Marriott/Ritz Carlton, which are viewable during the three-hour poolside party. The clips will showcase images from the area, as well as area accolades alongside them, to reinforce the destination’s strong brand (pictured).

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Visit St. Pete/Clearwater is the official destination marketing organization for Pinellas County, Florida.
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